Hudson Heights emergency dental care

Hudson Heights Emergency Dental Care

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Suffering from a toothache is no picnic. It may be tempting to try and ignore and wait until your next dental visit to have checked out, but it may actually be the sign of a serious problem. Whether it is a broken tooth or a root canal infection, you may just need Hudson Heights emergency dental care. If you are looking for urgent care to deal with a recent dental concern or injury, then visit us here at the offices of Elliott Gutman, DMD to get the expert dental attention that you deserve.

Dr. Gutman has been preserving and enhancing the smiles of his patients in Washington Heights NYC for over 25 years, offering only the best in quality dental care from the comfort of a state of the art facility. Offering a wide range of dental services and procedures, Elliott Gutman, DMD treats patients of all ages and can provide comprehensive dental care for everyone in the family. When it comes to Hudson Heights emergency dental care, Dr. Gutman is here to get to the bottom of the issue, find the cause of your oral pain, and provide you with a solution to restore your dental health. When it comes to issue like toothaches, causes can range from cavities and root canal infections to cracked teeth, chipped teeth, avulsed teeth, or even developing ingrown wisdom teeth. As soon as you notice any strange symptoms, especially those that involve pain, you should make sure you call our office right away. That way, we can make sure that you get to see Dr. Gutman as soon as possible to get the care you need.

If dental emergencies are not taken care of right away, the issues can grow worse and the treatment needed to resolve them later may need to be more intensive. The sooner you get Hudson Heights emergency dental care the better. Call today to find out more about what services Elliott Gutman, DMD offers and how your dental health can be restored no matter the issue.

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