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Dental Office in Hudson Heights

Hudson Heights Dentist
Hudson Heights Dentist

If you are looking for a great dentist who will be able to keep you and your family in optimal dental health, you do not have to look far. Our Hudson Heights dentist, Dr. Elliott Gutman, is an expert and experienced dentist who has been practicing family and general dentistry for more than thirty years.

Dr. Gutman, Our Hudson Heights dentist provides excellent care in the fields of general, cosmetic, pediatric, endodontic and periodontal dental care. Our practice, Elliott Gutman, DMD, uses state-of-the-art-technology and the procedures performed are leading edge. This way our patients are sure to have the best chances of a successful dental procedure outcome. It also ensures that our patients will have a comfortable visit at our dental practice while they are having dental work performed. We use the latest advances in dental local anesthesia so our patients remain perfectly comfortable when they are having work done. Our practice environment is comfortable and stress-free. Our patients enjoy visiting our dental practice because they know that when they visit they will be treated like family. We value all of our patients, and work hard every day to ensure that they receive exceptional care and treatment.

Among the common service that our Hudson Heights dentist provides are: comprehensive dental exams; professional dental cleanings; dental implants; cosmetic fillings; crowns and bridges; porcelain veneers; teeth whitening; periodontal treatments to help ensure healthy gums; teeth extractions; removable dentures; pediatric dental care; and root canal treatments to help save the life of a tooth. Among the gum treatments that we perform are periodontal scaling and planing to remove all plaque, tartar and bacteria from the deep pockets that have formed between the gums and the teeth. Our dentist, Dr. Gutman, is available for dental emergencies on weekends, evenings and even holidays. This way you never have to worry that you will need to face a dental emergency alone. Dr. Gutman is also the on-call dentist for Yeshiva University so you can be assured that he is an expert in treating all types of emergency dental problems, from saving teeth that have been knocked out to repairing loose veneers.

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