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Dental implants in Inwood

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Dental implants versus dentures

Dental implants in Inwood
Dental implants in Inwood

Are dentures or dental implants a better choice for you when you need to replace missing teeth? Well, there are certainly some very impressive benefits that you can get from our dental implants in Inwood. In fact, they can even be used as a foundation for dentures, giving you the best of both worlds. Let us explain further.

Traditional dentures have been around for a long time. They work. They’re effective and fairly simple to create and for you to use. But they also have some drawbacks. Dentures are removable, which means they need a way for you keep them in place when you place them in your mouth. Partial dentures, which replace just one or a few teeth, are held in on either side with clasps that attach to the neighboring teeth. And they are also held in at the gum line with dental adhesive. The same adhesive is also used for complete dentures, used when replacing all of the teeth on the upper or lower jaw. Unfortunately, this adhesive may not always be 100% reliable. Dentures can sometimes slide, possibly when you are chewing or speaking. This can lead to you feeling self-conscious or avoiding your favorite foods. The adhesive is also a bit messy to work with. Our dental implants in Inwood don’t have those problems to deal with.

While dentures are simply surface restorations, a dental implant replaces the root in addition to the tooth. A cylindrical titanium post is placed surgically in your jaw. Over several months, your jaw bone grows around it and fuses with it. This creates a secure foundation and root. A tooth-colored crown is then placed on top to replace the tooth. You end up with a restoration that looks, feels, and functions like a natural tooth does. No messy adhesives. No concerns about reliability. Eat, speak, laugh, do everything you would with a natural tooth. That’s the advantage of our dental implants in Inwood.

And for complete dentures, implants can be used as a base for them, giving you the sturdiness that you expect from implants and the ease that is associated with dentures. Why not call us today and schedule a consultation to find out if our dental implants in Inwood are the right choice for you?

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